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Social Responsibility

For Mongolian Desert 80k

As a student in England, he founded the charity organization “86400” and called on Mongolians around the world to launch the campaign to support the herdsmen and delivered 80,000$ to the Gobi Provinces.

Charity Lecture

He organized the first charity lecture as the ticket was 2 books. After collecting more than 10,000 books and starting the works to build libraries in the necessary places, such as the library of the United States of Congress and children's prisons, his socially responsible activities began after the program called 86400 began to reach the public on Channel 25 TV.

"Sain Uchral" Foundation 2017

Uchral.N and his wife Selenge.Ch founded the "Sain Uchral '' foundation and reports on their work by organizing a day for disabled children every year. In 2017, "Friends of Temujin'' kindergarten for disabled children was established in Songinokhairkhan district with 100% of their own funds. Currently, 105 children attend the kindergarten free of charge, and 11 mothers are working in the kindergarten.

Digital Student

Also, the "Sain Uchral" Foundation implemented the "Digital Student" program in the past and awarded 50-100% foreign and domestic university scholarships to more than 100 children for 5 years.

Legal Advice
"Saruul Mongolia"

"Saruul Mongolia" project to transfer the people who are dependent on alcohol to the right life has been implemented, and a total of 60 people have been weaned from alcohol, they have been given jobs, and they have been given a home.