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Transparent Operation

  1. The Government of Mongolia announced 2023 as the “Year of Combating Corruption”, and on February 8, 2023, it approved the draft resolution initiated by Prime Minister L. Oyun-Erden and officially announced that it would conduct the “5S” operation.
  2. By Order No. 49 of the Prime Minister of Mongolia dated March 13, 2023, the “Glass” operation was assigned to the Minister of Electronic Development and Communications Nyam-Osorin Uchral.
  3. According to the law on transparency of public information, 68 types of information are regulated to be open and transparent at all times.
  4. Within the framework of the “Shil” operation, presenting the platform, which will allow citizens, the public, and the media to easily monitor information through a single window, by combining the information submitted by the data subjects and required to be disclosed by law, “Your State-You control” appeal was put forward to the public.
  5. The Minister of Economic Affairs, N.Uchral, made public the information of 25 special funds of the Government of Finance with public funds and gave the opportunity to citizens, civil society organizations, and the media to monitor spending.
  6. More than 120 lands registered as Specially Protected Areas are responsible for and protected by 36 conservation administrations, and the information on land allocations in 17 of them has been made public. In the first instance, information on 3474 hectares of specially protected land in Bogdhan Mountain Nature Reserve (2973ha) and Khuvsgul Natural Complex (501ha) was disclosed, but today, information on land owned by 2162 citizens and legal entities has been disclosed. In other protected areas, the opening of landowner information is ongoing.
  7. Within the framework of “Shil” operation, the “e-Business” platform, which will create a favorable electronic business environment, was presented to the public, and the entire process of establishing a company was digitized, and the opportunity was opened to serve without a schedule and without borders.
  8. The names of the board members of 71 state-owned and state-owned companies were disclosed.
  9. As of the first quarter of 2023, 16 central state administrative organizations had a rating of 71.56% when evaluating the transparency of open information, and it increased to 85.45% at the beginning of the second quarter.