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The “E-business” platform


On average, 1,540 new legal entities are established in Mongolia per month, of which 72.8% are in Ulaanbaatar and 27.2% are in local areas. The time required to set up a company in other countries of the world varies, for example Estonia takes 2-4 hours, Singapore takes 1 day, USA takes 5 days, France takes 10 days, UK takes 15 days, Germany takes 20 days, etc. Today in Mongolia, citizens are required to visit the state registry and financial institution several times when establishing a legal entity or company. Traditional government services, such as the inability to directly view the government information of the company you have established, the process of obtaining, renewing, and canceling permits, licenses, and licenses required for doing business is unclear, slow, and human-dependent, and the government must submit a written request for a reference definition, and you need to visit and receive the response. The format causes cost delays and time loss for business owners.

In order to solve these problems, the Ministry of Electronic Development and Communications, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Office of the Governor of the Capital City, the General State Register Office, the “e-Mongolia Academy” UTUG, the Customs and Taxation and Finance Information Technology Center and other related government agencies have been initiated by the Government of Mongolia to solve these problems. Today, the organizations presented the development and implementation of the “e-Business” platform with the motto “For you, the entrepreneur”. The “e-Business” platform solves many types of losses and wasteful expenses between business owners and government agencies, depending on any person, caused by the legal environment, bureaucracy and interests caused by regulations and regulations, with the advancement of information technology and electronic solutions. support, create a favorable business environment, eliminate bureaucracy, establish a legal entity from anywhere in the world, and provide other advantages.

417 special licenses related to legal entities, 42 reference definitions, 226 public services or a total of 685 services have been introduced to this platform. For example, people who want to establish a new enterprise will solve the process of obtaining a legal entity name, registering in the state register, registering their property list, obtaining an electronic certificate, and sending a stamp control sheet electronically. The platform has the advantage that the process of setting up a company can be completed in up to 2 days, without incurring any informal costs, without requiring documents to be sent back and forth, and providing the opportunity to serve from anywhere in the world. “e-Business” platform will serve you 24/7 without holidays, tea time, internal work, without time limits and space boundaries.