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Starlink has been given permission to operate and every corner of mongolia has an opportunity to connect to high speed internet


The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission issued a special license to “Starlink Services Mongolia” to operate telecommunications services and use radio frequencies and radio frequency bands, and handed over the certificate today /07.06.2023/.

N. Uchral, Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications: We are working to bring fresh air to the industry’s business policy environment, open opportunities for international investment and introduction of know-how, and deliver fair and balanced communication solutions to citizens and business organizations. In connection with the clarification of the policy and regulatory environment, businesses in this sector will be able to operate without hindrance, and as a result, the Prime Minister of Mongolia L. Oyun-Erdene has an online meeting with Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, and Chief Technology Officer of Twitter. met and exchanged ideas in the fields of green technology, space and information technology.

Soon after, Starlink Service Mongolia LLC submitted an application to CRC in June 2023 for a special license to operate telecommunication services and a special license to use KU band radio frequencies for space services. The decision to issue 2 special licenses was made. Thus, Starlink is ready to officially start operations in Mongolia as the first provider of low-orbit satellite Internet services. I am very happy on behalf of all citizens of Mongolia that it is possible to connect directly to high-speed Internet from anywhere in Mongolia.