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Intensifyng activies of E-licenses


Creating a technological and legal environment for electronic issuance of permits within the framework of the law, eliminating burdens and cost drags on service providers, is important to eliminate bureaucracy and reduce traffic jams.
Today /2023.08.29/ at the urgent meeting of the minister organized at the Ministry of Education and Culture, the main issue discussed was the intensification of the activities of electronic issuance of permits.

Within the framework of the establishment of a common fund of permits, 15 from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, 6 from the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development, 11 from the Ministry of Defense, 26 from the Ministry of Education and Science, 26 from the Ministry of Road and Transport Development, 5 from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, 58 from the Bank of Mongolia, and the Capital 81 of the Governor’s Office, 1 of the Ministry of Culture, 14 of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, 1 of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, 5 of the Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs, 20 of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, 55 of the Energy Regulatory Commission, 6 types of licenses issued by the Ministry and 67 types of licenses of the Financial Regulatory Commission have been registered on the website