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Expand cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity


Today /July 3, 2023/, the Minister of Telecommunications, N. Uchral received Mr. Kondo Masanori, Secretary General of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunication Organization. At the beginning of the meeting, Minister N. Uchral introduced that he is working with the main focus on intensifying the e-transition of Mongolia and delivering government services to the citizens without bureaucracy and without delays.

He also pointed out that more than 1000 government services are provided to citizens electronically, the “E-Province” policy direction is defined, and the party is working on developing a policy for the introduction of orbital satellite services. In this context, he expressed his willingness to share good experience and receive consulting services from other member countries.

Kondo Masanori: Since this year, the APT Web Dialogue platform has been organizing discussions among member countries on the topics of emerging technologies. Mongolia can share its good experience of e-transition in this discussion. Also, a working group for the development of the 2024-2026 Strategic Plan of the National Economic and Social Development Committee has been established. It was emphasized that suggestions and initiatives can be included in the plan through the working group, and further cooperation can be expanded.