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Digital ministers meeting in mongolia


At the invitation of the Government of Mongolia, Member of Parliament, Minister of Development and Development N. Uchral, Ministers of e-development of some countries in the region, subordinate officials, International Telecommunication Organization, Asian Development Bank, World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development , regional director of specialized organizations of the United Nations, etc., arrived in Mongolia to participate in the “ICT EXPO – Mindgolia 2023” event.

The feature of the event, which is held for the 16th time this year, is to promote the e-transition initiatives and achievements of Mongolia’s public and private sectors internationally, to connect information technology and communication entrepreneurs with foreign government organizations and entrepreneurs, and opening opportunities to cooperate with investors and consultants.

As part of the “ICT EXPO – Mindgolia 2023” exhibition, a high-level discussion on “Creating an accessible digital economy” was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss regional information and communication access and digital economy development.

More than 40 guests, including Isojon Kurbonzoda, Minister of Industry and New Technologies of Tajikistan, Director of Technology for Development of Asian Development Bank, Thomas Eibel, Advisor of Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Atsuko Okuda, Director of International Telecommunication Association for Asia, participated in the discussion. , the ambassadors of Japan, Italy, Australia, Laos, Canada, France, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom of Northern Ireland, 21 management level representatives of major organizations such as Amazon, Google, Dell, Naver, and Huawei, and representatives of Mongolian cellular and IT businesses. participated in the event and exchanged information.